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A GoPro Hero Camera May Be in Your Future
If you hold an event, and there’s no brick or mortar place to attend, does it still exist? Of course! More and more, businesses are moving online, whether it be for sales and promotions, webinars or more. You can fill your virtual convention center with help from the Benchmark Events platform. Just make sure that if you’re the work-at-home type and you decide to host a video chat of sorts, that you remember pants! You can get some online event inspiration by attending a Benchmark webinar too!
Presents for Non-Profits
We are thrilled to announce that we gifted more than 40 free email marketing accounts to non-profits this holiday season. The best gift of all this holiday season was knowing how many lives those non-profits help. Being even a small part of that means the world to us.
Visit the Features Request Forum
Thanks to Nicole K., our editor now recalls what font colors you’ve used in the past. It was suggested, voted on and applied, thanks to our Feature Request Forum...and all of you! Do you have an idea for the next great Benchmark feature?
Our Latest Giveaway
Our latest blog series is for the Instragram superstar in all of us. That’s right, we’re going to  expose our readers to some great photographers and related tips and tricks in a series called Marketing in Focus. It will help guarantee that your subscribers won’t  shutter at the images you use. And if you add us to your Google+ circles, you might take home a GoPro Hero 3 White Edition. Good luck!

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