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Lessons On Leading is a series not to be laughed it. We’ve gathered many of the leaders we look up to for our June series and asked them to share their experiences, advice and anything else they thought might be helpful to our readers. Take heed of their lessons, and we may just come and ask you to contribute a post next time around.

As always, there’s another great Benchmark giveaway to go along with the series. We’re giving away a Kindle Fire HD & $100 Amazon gift card. That way, you can load your new Kindle up with all the best books on leadership or anything else you may see fit. To enter, retweet any post in our Lessons On Leading series. You must follow @BenchmarkEmail on Twitter to be eligible to win. Good luck!
Many business owners lay awake at night, dreaming up new ways to keep customers loyal and/or how to improve the fan experience. Our latest episode of the Heart of Business podcast should be just the spark you need to inspire new ideas for your business. We talked to Kevin Browning, who manages strategy and development for the band Umphrey’s McGee. Find out how Umphrey’s keeps fans, including one Heart of Business host, constantly coming back for more.

Listen along as we discuss The Fan Experience with Kevin Browning, Umphrey’s McGee.
Thanks to Benchmark Events, we’ve seen more and more event marketing related questions coming our way. Ask Andy to the rescue! This time, Ask Andy discusses the importance of setting goals and making the pitch for your events. Discover the questions you need to ask yourself when hosting an event. Stick around for some 8-bit fun at the end!

Watch Ask Andy: Setting Goals & Pitching Events.
Gather around a Benchmark office potluck or holiday party and you’ll likely hear the story of how the elder statesmen (and women) of Benchmark used to operate out of a tiny office space, often on top of one another. Attend our 40 to 1: Email Marketing live event and you too may soon have a similar tale. It’s all about ROI that will leave you saying, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat office.”

Register for 40 to 1: Email Marketing Live today!

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