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The Internet, like the ocean, is vast, sometimes a little choppy and occasionally hard to predict. SEO is l boat that will keep your site afloat in the storm that is Google’s algorithm changes. That’s why we’ve titled our August series, Anchor Your Site in the SEOcean.

We’re giving away a Kindle Fire HD as well. Retweet any Anchor Your Site in the SEOcean post to be entered to win.

 Please note, you must follow @BenchmarkEmail on Twitter to be eligible to win. Good luck!

Our most requested feature of all time has been A/B Testing. Well, it’s here and we’re not done shouting it from the mountaintops. We’ve installed an easy-to-use tool that will let you predict the success of your email campaigns. Test subject lines, from names, campaigns against one another and more. See what’s likely to get your subscribers to click.

Learn more about A/B Testing.
A restaurant site, a realtor and an award competition walk into a blog post. The result is no joke. No ... it's our Auguest edition of Emails That Do Work. Once again, Madison shares our favorite emails from our own users. She dishes on design, layout and just what works. Stay tuned each month, maybe your email campaign will be there next month.

Check out August's Emails That Do Work.
Apparently everyone doesn’t use Apple products, though you’d never know it if you took a tour around Benchmark HQ. We’ve launched a few apps for iOS, but our first Android app is finally here. Easy List for Android Tablets Beta is now available. Remember beta is code for be patient. Some of the kinks are still being ironed out.

Download Easy List for Android Tablets.

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