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Are you reading this newsletter on your smartphone or tablet? The numbers say there’s better than a 50% chance that you are. Mobile is only growing. For companies and their customers that just can’t put their smartphones and tablets down, we bring you “Mobile: Marketing in the Palm of Your Hand.”

To help you on your quest for better mobile marketing, we’re giving away a Kindle Fire HDX! You’ll be able to do, test and receive mobile marketing right from your brand new tablet. To be entered to win, retweet this or any other post in the series. Plus, four additional winners will receive a $25 iTunes gift card.

Listening to Wil Reynolds, it’s  impossible to not want to go out and kick some butt. His “Doing Real Company ‘Stuff’” speech is what inspired us to start the Heart of Business podcast. His attitude towards doing business, SEO and more is refreshing. Thanks again to Wil for joining us on the podcast and for his inspiration.

Listen to Doing Real Company "Stuff" with Wil Reynolds.


Say your company uses Salesforce as their CRM. There’s probably a good amount of contacts in there. Ones that might even like to hear from you via email once in a while. That’s why Benchmark created a Salesforce integration. Import your contacts straight to your email list.

Check out the video on our Salesforce integration.

Benchmark has created tons of incredible integrations over the years. Like Captain Planet, we take the “with our powers combined” approach and connect our products with other awesome online marketing tools.

Our new series, “Putting the ‘Great’ in Integrations” will tell you all about our integrations and all the things you can do with them. Stay tuned!

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