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2 P's In A Podcast
Podcasts are the new blogs. Everyone thinks they should have one. Some of them are right. We put together a series to help you do just that.

In our March series, " Two P's in a Podcast: Preparation to Publishing," we tell you everything you need to go to start a podcast. We've invited some of our favorite podcasters to share their expertise. If you learn enough, and do great things, we may even want to interview on the Heart of Business podcast!

Wouldn't it be nice to finish responding to emails and then grab some Chinese food ... in China? Or maybe go on a photo safari during the day and get your work done at night? Enter the life of a Digital Nomad. We caught up with the Ginsburg brothers who are making that lifestyle a reality.

Listen to: Roaming the Globe with the Ginsburgs.


We got a ton of great feedback on our Dr. Seuss themed episode of Ask Andy last month. Thank you for that! We've been doing them for a while now and have been having great fun with it. Don't miss out on that fun! Catch up on the entire Ask Andy series. It's just as fun and takes less time than a good ol' fashioned Netflix binge. Enjoy!
We've been sharing some of the great integrations that Benchmark has forged with other products and companies. Did you know we have our own products that can boost your Benchmark Email efforts? We do! You can grow your list with ease thanks to the Benchmark Easy List app. Add names to your list at a convention or trade show or right from your bring and mortar store!

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